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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Name in a Frame

I recently had a friend who had a baby (super cute & cuddly by the way). I decided to give as my baby shower gift this:
I have something similar in my living room with our last name:
I don't remember where I initially got this idea, but everyone who comes into my home loves them!
All you need is frames, glue & letters. Remove everything from the frame and keep only the glass.
Glue the glass to the frame. Let glue dry according to directions.

This is the glue I used. I got it from
Dollar Tree.
Glue the letters onto the frame. There doesn't have to be a rhyme or reason to it depending on the look you want to achieve. I put the letters in a different position on each frame.
I used scrapbook paper & the die-cutter at
my local craft store to cut out the letters & dots.
Repeat for remaining frames & add any extra embellishments you wish to add. Let dry according to directions on glue.
For the ones in my living room, I glued some black ribbon onto the back of the frame then tied the ribbon into a bow then hung with a nail.

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