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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homemade Hand soap

I love doing homemade Christmas presents! I know I appreciate those more because I think of the time and effort the giver put into making them. I decided this year to make hand soap for my co-workers and friends.

I should warn you that this makes a ton of soap! However, it's cheaper than buying it from the store & will last you a long while. Also, if you're making this for yourself, you should make sure you're in love with the scent.

8oz bar soap
gallon of water
2Tbsp liquid glycerin
cheese grater

Once you decide on the scent, grate the entire bar of soap. You can also get 2 bars & only grate half of each so you can create your own scent. Also, no need to use the finest grate possible. Pour water into pot. Add soap & glycerin.Turn heat to med-high and stir until soap dissolves. It should look like soapy water at this point.

Remove from heat and let sit 10-12 hours. Use a beater to mix it all well. Add more water if necessary.

You can pour it into dispensers to give as gifts, keep it for yourself, whatever, If you decide to keep all of it, fill your soap dispenser first, then pour the rest back into the jug the water came in. This same technique can be used to make body wash!
This is what was left after I filled 6 soap dispensers!
Also--if you're wondering where in the world to find liquid glycerin, let me help you out. I searched high and low for this stuff (about a dozen stores), but I will save you that trouble. Go to the pharmacist! I found it at Walgreens, behind the pharmacy counter. Just ask the pharmacist for it & tell him why you need it. The bottle I got was $5. There's bigger bottles for about $25, but why would you need a bigger bottle?!

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