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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

St Patrick's Day Wreath

I think before long my new neighbors will realize I have a wreath for every holiday. Yeah, I'm one of those people.
My hubby & I are both of Irish descent. We don't take St Patrick's Day too seriously, but we do take time to honor our Irish heritage.
First stop: a wreath.

You'll need:
plain Styrofoam wreath (or something of similar material)
glue gun
1/2yd fabric
felt (I used 6 pieces)

Using a template, cut circles of at least 2 sizes out of the felt. The smaller size will help fill in the gap that the larger ones create.

Cut the circles into spirals. If you have fancy-edged scissors use them to create interesting edges on your flowers.

Starting on the outside, roll the felt together. Try to keep the bottom edge as flat and even as possible.

Cut the fabric into 3 inch strips and wrap around wreath.

Use a low-temp glue gun to glue the flower together. Then glue the flower to the wreath.

Keep going until the wreath is covered or the desired look is achieved.

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