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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Knock-off Week: Tiered Platters

I love this from JSG Oceana:
However, we are college students getting ready to move across the country and are, therefore, No lie. I still want a "fancy" tiered glass service set though for those time when we have friends over & the food just won't fit on our table.

Thank goodness Dollar Tree is just right down the road. 
You'll need: 
2 plates
1 bowl
2 taper candle holders
strong glue

Glue one candlestick holder onto the bottom of 1 plate and another onto the bottom of the bowl according to the directions on the glue. 

I didn't glue all three dishes together for storage purposes, but you can if you like. I just don't have a space where something of this size will fit properly. Besides, not gluing them all together gives me different options in stacking them.
Now, I don't trust the glue to hold up in the dishwasher, but the glue you use may be fine. Also, if one breaks, no big deal! I can just run to the Dollar Tree & replace it!

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