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Monday, March 5, 2012

Camera Buddy

I often kid that I have four jobs: housewife, student, shoe salesperson, and photographer. I love all of my jobs (sometimes I love the student job less), but I'm most excited about being a photographer. I get to meet lots of interesting people and capture so many special moments. One of the toughest things about that job though is making sure the kids look at the camera. Most of the time they want to focus on Mom or Dad or some shiny object that just caught their eye. This helps:

I love my little guy! He's really easy to make. Even better, I bought everything I need from the Dollar Tree! I made this little guy for $2!

You'll need a puppet animal, scrunchy of a coordinating color, fabric pen or marker, needle, and thread.

Place the scrunchy on top of the body of the puppet & trace the outer circle with a fabric pen or marker.

Cut out the hole.

Sew the scrunchy into the hole that you just created. Also, sew the bottom closed where your hand would normally go.

Slide the puppet onto the lens of your camera.