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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning Week: Odds & Ends

There are some things that people forget about or have never thought to do them. Here are some suggestions that I have. There are many others, so if you know of some leave a comment.

  1. Check your smoke detector battery. Better yet, go ahead and replace it.
  2. Flip and rotate your mattresses.
  3. Wash curtains (if possible).
  4. Clean your trash can. Sounds weird, but some gross stuff could be lurking.
  5. Run your washer empty with 1c white vinegar. Helps with any smells and cleans any grime.
  6. Clean out your car. While you're at it, clean the outside too.
  7. Delete any old files from your computer.
  8. Clean out your window sills. There's dirt in there and if you like to have your windows open, it's just going to blow around in your clean home.
  9. Clean dryer vents. Also, take out the lint collector & clean with a small brush.
  10. Open the windows and let some fresh air in!

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