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Monday, January 2, 2012

Fabric Rosettes

I had help from a friend on these. I've seen them everywhere, but I didn't know how to make them until Torrie dropped by one day to help me do some baking. She's apparently a pro at them. They're easier to make than I thought they would be too!
Can you believe I still have some of that fabric left?!
You'll need strips of fabric cut 2 inches in width.

I used 2 old t-shirts left over from my scarf making experience & the fabric left over from covering my frame & modifying another shirt.
If you decide to use t-shirts too, open the loop by getting rid of one side seam.
The pretty nails are hers.
If you want flowers of the same size, cut all the fabric strips to the same length. Fold one end in half & glue. If you have a low-temp glue gun, this is the time to pull that bad boy out. I can't tell you how many times I burned my fingers because all I had on hand was a hi-temp glue gun.
Using that same end, make a little ball .
While pulling & twisting the fabric, wrap the strip around the ball you just made.
Pull & twist.

Then wrap.
You will definitely want to put drops of glue at different intervals to keep the flower together.
Keep up with the pull, twist, & wrap motion until the last 2 inches of fabric.
Pull that last bit of fabric to the back & glue down.
You can cut any extra fabric visible off once it's hardened.
Also, if the stray threads bother you, you can trim those down too.
Once all your flowers are done (I chose to do 3), glue them all down onto a piece of felt.
Once the glue is hardened, trim the felt so that it can't be seen from the front. Attach a strip of felt onto the back.
Make sure the strip lays as flat as possible. I've got a trick to
show you!
If you just use the strip of felt, you can slide the headband out & slip a safety pin through to make a broach!

That way I can use the flowers as either a broach or headband accessory! Go me! And now you can too! Go you!

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