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Friday, January 20, 2012

Nursing Cover

My friend that recently had a baby decided to breast feed. It's almost time for her to start venturing back into the real world (church, school, etc) and doesn't like carrying around a huge blanket to fight with while she nurses. I decided to make her a Hooter Hider! --a nursing cover. It's actually much simpler than I expected.
I got help from Sew Much Ado, but changed some of her directions. My friend is about my height (read: short) and the directions she had would have been way too...everything. Keep in mind I'm 5'3 and this left plenty of length. Mine also isn't as wide as hers. It kind of felt like a backwards cape when it was wide. If you want it wider, make it that way by all means.

You'll need about a yard of material. I used regular cotton fabric although she recommended home decor fabric. The cotton worked just fine. Also grab 2 D-rings, 18 inches of boning with fabric casing, and some matching thread. I was able to find boning at a local craft store. You'll probably have to ask for it. Not many people use it so sometimes it's hidden.
 Cut the fabric into 3 pieces: 4.5"x30", 4.5"x10", and 30"x30".
Sew the two 4.5" wide pieces with right sides facing each other. The 10" should look like a tube. The 30" piece should be open on one end. On the other end, curve it slightly so that it comes to a point. These will become the neck pieces.
Trim off the extra fabric from around the curved end.
Turn the neck pieces right side out. Press flat and sew a 1/4" seam on both sides of each piece. (This is just help it look nice as well as make it easier to attach & use the D-rings.)
If anyone has any tips on how to turn the pieces right side out,
please share them! I struggle every time!
Take the 10" tube and match raw edges together. Put D-rings near fold & sew to encase.

Press a 1/2" seam at the top of the 30x30 piece (we'll call this "the body" of the piece). If you're using patterned fabric make sure you know where the top is. If you're like me and don't normally press when sewing, don't be tempted to skip this step as well as the next one. They will come in handy later!
Fold another 1/2" and press again.
Open the last fold & place the boning in the center. You should have about 5 inches of extra fabric on either side. Make sure the boning is positioned so that it's curving towards you. Pin that bad boy in place.
 On the casing for the boning, there will be a little extra fabric on one side, sew along this edge.
I just positioned it so that the foot was resting right on the
boning. At times it slipped off, but I just re-positioned.
It may take some patience, but you'll be fine.
Place the raw edges of the neck pieces at either end of the boning. Let the edge fold at the second pressing, pin, then sew along bottom edge of crease. This will make the boning curve away from you.
Flip the neck pieces so they are going away from the body & sew them into position. 
Do this for both neck pieces.
Press a 1/2" seam on the other 3 sides of the body, then press a second 1/2" seam. Sew all around the body to finish.

If you're unsure of the use of D-rings, it's pretty easy. Take the long neck piece and put through both rings. Then pull it back out again through only one.

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  1. Great job! I love the dots, so simple and elegant! You should join me for