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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Card Holder

We live in a tiny apartment. Every Christmas (and birthday), we struggle to find space to put our cards that our family sends us. We both come from pretty large families and they're all big on sending cards. Granted, I could buy something to showcase them all, but the ones I found are a little pricey. I decided to make something instead.

I headed to the local thrift store & found some really cheap frames. I grabbed one of the biggest ones I could find.
Sorry for the pictures in this post. My apartment has the worst lighting known to man!
I removed the backing & matting (the glass was already gone) and painted it with black acrylic craft paint. You can skip this step if you're okay with the way the frame looks.

Then I glued white ribbon to the frame. Make sure the glue you use is safe for all the materials you're using and also, make sure you pull the ribbon taut.

It's now hanging in my hallway waiting for all those lovely Christmas cards!
Finally! A decent picture!

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