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Monday, October 8, 2012

Product Test: Resolve Easy Clean

Before we moved from our old apartment, we had to do a deep cleaning. You know, we needed to get our deposit back! There were a few spots on the carpet that were really kind of gross. After 2 years of snow and rain being tracked in, it's really no surprise. I decided to try out the Resolve Easy Clean carpet cleaning system:
Courtesy: Resolve website
This is what our carpet looked like before:

And this is what it looked like after:

I thought it was worth it! I know it's hard to tell in photos, but there really was a HUGE difference! Your can just refill it with Resolve High Traffic cleaner so you don't have to buy the whole system every time. It saved me from having to get on my hands and knees too, which was an added bonus for someone with bad knees.


  1. i'm really glad I read this because I am trying to figure how to get my carpets clean without buying a huge steam cleaner! thanks! looks great.

    1. My mom bought one last week & her carpets are looking great! She wasn't sure of it, even after I showed her the pictures, but she's definitely a believer now.